My Hair Clinic offer hair transplantation to the beard, eyebrows, scars left without any hairs and other areas as needed. Hair loss in these areas can be due to a number of reasons including trauma, surgery, naturally low density or genetic reasons.


My Hair Clinic has had many repair cases of hair transplantation to eyebrows, mostly due to trauma. While we are able to give a natural or at least a near-natural result for scalp hair, patients need to be realistic about what can be achieved in cases of eyebrows. The surgeon will try to closely follow the direction of any existing hair to ensure maximum naturalness of the transplant. In most cases a very good improvement can be achieved and in some cases even a very natural look. However, to keep things real, the patient should expect an improvement but some cases may have to work or style their eyebrows for a more natural look.

Keep in mind that the donor-hair grows faster and you’ll need to trim the transplanted hair on a daily bases.

Please contact My Hair Clinic to discuss your specific needs.


My Hair Clinic offers hair transplantation to the beard. Whether your beard is unsatisfactory due to trauma, surgical or traumatic, or you were born with a low density beard, you’ve smaller areas that needs more density or you need a transplant to your beard, chances are that we’ll be able to help you.

In far most of the cases we can achieve a very naturally looking beard taking into account the natural direction of beard hair. In most cases people will not be able to appreciate that the hair is transplanted even at close inspection.

As with any cosmetic procedure it’s important to discuss your specific needs and what options are available. Kindly contact My Hair Clinic to set up an appointment so that we can go through the options with you.