MY HAIR CLINIC is an ethical medical clinic where the final word regarding marketing and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) lies with the founder, Dr Hussain.

No sales or marketing team has any say over the information we provide our patients. MY HAIR CLINIC is committed to providing a world class level of FUE hair transplantation for treating hair loss. We ensure an ethical and professional source of guidance to hair loss sufferers.

It’s in the very nature of the field of medicine and surgery that there is no guarantee for any specific outcome whether the patient receives a medical or surgical treatment. Please view the demand from the Danish Health Board to deter clinics from using guarantee to lure patients into believing a result can be guaranteed. Please note the information is in Danish.

Any professor of any surgical or medical field will be able to confirm that his/her department has had surgeries or medical treatments that did not go according to plan. Any clinic claiming to be able to guarantee a specific result is lying! Period! And we are happy to receive any legal action from clinics and surgeons being offended by this.

Despite the high professional and medical standards at MY HAIR CLINIC, human errors can still occur. In the unlikely event that the patient should not be satisfied, the clinic is willing to engage in a dialog.

Since 2004 MY HAIR CLINIC has had around 2-3% of the patients complaining about less growth than expected. This can be due to actual low growth, but may also be due to mistaking the progressive nature of hair loss as low yield.

Furthermore, unrealistic expectations and other factors may also play a role.

Less than 1% of patients have complained about the artistic results of the surgery which is a reflection of the highly skilled and experienced surgeons at MY HAIR CLINIC.

This rate of unhappy patients is comparable to the top clinics of the world. In the few cases where a patient is not happy with the results, MY HAIR CLINIC may offer a repeat hair transplant at a reduced a reduced price and/or a partial refund.